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Recorded Webinars

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Learning Activities

  • Course Code: F16-5-RW

     This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand. It was recorded November 2016.

    Build Trust One Conversation at a Time

    Every word, phrase, interaction, or even silence can have a profound ripple effect – for good, better, or worse.

    Most people are well meaning, want to do great work, and get along. But when the stakes and pressures escalate we often default to interaction styles that can be counter-productive. Despite good intentions, we can experience or trigger unintended results such as:  misunderstandings; breakdown in trust; conversation & relationship disconnect and more.

    Conversational Intelligence® (C‐IQ®) Teaches Us How to Do Better

    Each conversation has the potential to trigger a reaction – emotionally and in our neurochemistry. This can either shut down or open up our levels of trust; our ability to listen and hear; and our ability to connect. Drawing from emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and communications, Conversational Intelligence® teaches new insights, approaches, and skills to promote healthier conversational dynamics. 
    This in turn, can inspire greater trust, better relationships, collaborative and more positive cultures.

  • Course Code: S15-6-MA-RW

     This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand.  
    It was recorded May 2015. 

    This conversational webinar will highlight some of the many ways the SOLS Competencies Index can be used to support HR functions and staff performance, everything from job descriptions to performance evaluation and staff development.

  • Course Code: W16-3-RW


    This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand.  
    It was recorded February 2016. 

    Although the Pay Equity Act required compliance over 25 years ago, many employers who developed pay equity plans in the early 1990s are currently facing challenges to the validity of those plans. Even where valid plans exist, many employers have failed in their ongoing obligation to maintain pay equity.

    The presentation is intended to provide employers with a general understanding of their obligations under the Pay Equity Act and an appreciation of the substantial consequences, financial and otherwise, of non-compliance.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn what is required to have a valid pay equity plan
    Recognize when pay equity maintenance obligations arise
    • Understand the consequences where pay equity gaps exist

    Employers will have a better appreciation after the webinar, of their current state of compliance and the requisite steps needed to either eliminate or at least, minimize their liability.

  • Course Code: W17-4-MA

    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded March 2017.


    These days it’s not enough to just have the technical skills related to your work. Increasingly, leaders must also demonstrate the ability to lead and develop others and to contribute to a positive team and workplace culture. Managing projects and leading people call for different skillsets – and mindsets. 

    Are you having the right conversations?

    This webinar* focuses on Leadership-ability through the lens of Conversational Intelligence®. Whether you are an aspiring leader, emerging leader or someone who has been in the role for some time there is always room to up the ante on your leadership-ability.