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Learning Activities

  • Course Code: W16-3-RW


    This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand.  
    It was recorded February 2016. 

    Although the Pay Equity Act required compliance over 25 years ago, many employers who developed pay equity plans in the early 1990s are currently facing challenges to the validity of those plans. Even where valid plans exist, many employers have failed in their ongoing obligation to maintain pay equity.

    The presentation is intended to provide employers with a general understanding of their obligations under the Pay Equity Act and an appreciation of the substantial consequences, financial and otherwise, of non-compliance.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn what is required to have a valid pay equity plan
    Recognize when pay equity maintenance obligations arise
    • Understand the consequences where pay equity gaps exist

    Employers will have a better appreciation after the webinar, of their current state of compliance and the requisite steps needed to either eliminate or at least, minimize their liability.