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Online Self Directed Courses

These courses range from two to eight weeks in length, and are self directed, meaning there is no contact with a tutor or instructor.

If your library has an online self directed course on a specific subject which could be beneficial for other public libraries across Ontario, please consider allowing us to host it. See Share Training to learn more.

For billing information, cancellation policies and more, see our FAQs.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: OLSN01

    Ontario Library Service - North

    This toolkit is designed to measure the value of public libraries and their role as community hubs, building capacity for healthy, resilient people and places, especially in rural, Northern, First Nation and francophone communities.

    The toolkit provides a step by step process to assess libraries’ social return on investment (SROI) within a holistic, cross sectoral framework.

  • Course Code: OLSN-SBON01

    OLSN Logo

    Vous trouverez aux pages suivantes des outils servant à mesurer la valeur des bibliothèques et à évaluer leur rôle en tant que carrefours communautaires qui contribuent à rendre les communautés plus saines et résistantes. La trousse est d’une utilité particulière pour les communautés rurales, nordiques et francophones. Elle présente une approche par étapes pour déterminer le rendement social des investissements (RSI) effectués dans les bibliothèques, le tout dans un cadre global et intersectoriel.