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Webinars are usually one hour in length and staff can participate from any location by using a phone to listen to the presenter and using a web browser to view the presentation.

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Learning Activities

  • Course Code: FOPL-13-1

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    Instructor: Cheryl Stenström, PhD

    Understand key concepts in the advocacy process such as influence, persuasion marketing, promotion, lobbying and networking. Learn more about the highlights of the most recent research from Cheryl Stenström from her recent doctoral research where she studied the factors (internal and external) that influenced Canadian politicians and civil servants when making funding decisions about public libraries.

    This is a recorded webinar, provided by the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, available free of charge, on demand.

  • Course Code: W17-3-FE


    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded February 2017.

    Have you ever looked at a Request for Proposal and felt overwhelmed? You're not alone. Grant competitions are hard, and questions are often complex. Sometimes a single question can be a paragraph long! But, with some basic training, you will gain the skills to tackle any proposal. This webinar will teach you tips and strategies on how to plan, organize and write a winning proposal.