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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are available for public library staff on e-resources and web 2.0. Other tutorials may be developed as needed, or by request.

If your library has a tutorial on a specific subject which could be beneficial for other public libraries across Ontario, please consider allowing us to host it. See Share Training to learn more.

For billing information, cancellation policies and more, see our FAQs

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: PSHSA-10

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

    Worker Health & Safety Awareness eLearning will inform workers of their legislated health and safety rights, roles and responsibilities in relation to workplace safety. The intent is to assist Ontario workplaces with compliance to Regulation 297/13 Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Training. Participants will also learn about the Internal Responsibility System, supervisor duties and common workplace hazards, including Regulation 860 (WHMIS).

  • Course Code: PSHSA-2

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

     Reporting Requirements Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act

    • Critical injuries
    • Occupational illness
    • Reporting to Joint Health and Safety Committee / Health and Safety Representative
    • Assessment reports
    • Section 12 and postings

  • Course Code: PSHSA-4

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

     "Catch it early” is the theme of this webinar on workplace bullying and


    1. Overview of PSHSA Bullying in the Workplace Handbook (Henri) 20 mins
    2. Workplace bullying and harassment (Catherine) – 70 mins
    3. Overview of PSHSA Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Handbook  (Henri) – 20 mins
    4. Domestic Violence (Barb) – 70 mins

  • Course Code: PSHSA-5

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

    If your organization has more than one site or location, this hour-long webinar can help guide you in developing an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee that will keep all your employees safe.

Learn about your Roles and Responsibilities, Legalities and how to manage your sites from a Health and Safety perspective.

This webinar is presented by PSHSA and guest speaker from the Ministry of Labour.

  • Course Code: PSHSA-7

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

    Webinar content includes:

    • Four (4) key characteristics to consider in lifting task analysis
    • Assessment tools
    • Suggestions to control hazards associated with lifting tasks
    • Questions and Answers