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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are self directed learning experiences. They range from 15 minutes to an hour in length. For the most part, they are introductory or survey  courses.

If your library has a tutorial on a specific subject which could be beneficial for other public libraries across Ontario, please consider allowing us to host it. See Share Training to learn more.

For billing information, cancellation policies and more, see our FAQs

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: SOLS-ML-1


    Wi-fi hotspot lending is becoming increasingly popular in public libraries.  Wi-fi hotspots allow library cardholders to check-out a device that allows them to connect to the internet with their personal digital devices from anywhere at any time.  This short online video tutorial provides an overview of wi-fi hotspot lending programs in Ontario public libraries and provides links to further information for those looking to learn more about implementing a hotspot lending program in their library.