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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are available for public library staff on e-resources, social media tools and web 2.0. Other tutorials may be developed as needed, or by request.

If your library has a tutorial on a specific subject which could be beneficial for other public libraries across Ontario, please consider allowing us to host it. See Share Training to learn more.

For billing information, cancellation policies and more, see our FAQs

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: PSHSA-4

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

     "Catch it early” is the theme of this webinar on workplace bullying and


    1. Overview of PSHSA Bullying in the Workplace Handbook (Henri) 20 mins
    2. Workplace bullying and harassment (Catherine) – 70 mins
    3. Overview of PSHSA Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace Handbook  (Henri) – 20 mins
    4. Domestic Violence (Barb) – 70 mins

  • Course Code: SD36

    SOLS Logo

    This course discusses the importance of customer service excellence in public libraries at the community, library and individual levels.  The course introduces a set of core values necessary for the creation of a customer-centered library culture.  Essential skills, attitudes and approaches for creating satisfying customer interactions are presented through interactive learning activities, personal reflection exercises and self-assessments.  This course is aimed at front-line staff who want to elevate customer service experiences from ordinary to extraordinary.  

  • Course Code: SOLS-ML-2


    SOLS logo

    Public libraries are offering new and innovative Makerspace ideas every day.  This on-demand tutorial provides an introduction to public library makerspaces, examples of library makerspaces in Canadian libraries, an overview of some of the equipment available in library makerspaces and basic information about the range of costs involved in setting up a library makerspace.  The tutorial also includes links to other resources for those looking to learn more about implementing a makerspace in their library.