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Staff Development

Helping community members develop 21st century skills requires staff with 21st century skills of their own. Creating a strong organizational culture that fosters learning and innovation requires board and management support. Continuous staff development is essential for libraries striving to successfully navigate their changing landscape; the learning opportunities listed here intend to assist libraries with creating that culture.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: E01


    This orientation course provides an introduction to the purpose and function of libraries, provides an overview of the governance, organization, collections, staffing and services of public libraries. This course is aimed at library staff in Ontario who want to better understand the potential for 21st   century public libraries and how libraries are a force for individual growth and development, social cohesion and community well-being. This course is  a requirement for the certificate.

  • Course Code: F01


    Ce cours s’adresse à toute personne qui souhaite acquérir une meilleure compréhension du potentiel des bibliothèques publiques au XXIe siècle du fait de leur incidence sur la croissance et le développement de l’individu, la cohésion sociale et le bien-être communautaire. On y traite également du contexte dans lequel les bibliothèques publiques de l’Ontario sont gérées et financées, abordant notamment les notions de rôle, de gouvernance et de programmes et services propres aux bibliothèques publiques.

  • Course Code: S15-IND1

    Designed to help instructors design materials for online courses.

  • Course Code: S15-IND2

    This tutorial will guide you through the process of updating and re-vamping a course for an online environment.

  • Course Code: WEBS15ND-RW


    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded March  2015.

    Organizational change is an imperative for any library that is striving for relevance in a rapidly changing landscape. This webinar explores the dynamics of change, resistance, resilience and readiness. The speaker highlights principles and strategies for engaging in positive change and the use of competencies as a staff development tool.