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Service\Department Oversight

It is imperative that supervisors and managers gain a working knowledge of the work of the people and services they supervise. While it is not necessary to be able to perform everyone’s job, it is important to understand each job in order to be able to assess and support work performance.

 These learning opportunities will assist supervisors and managers with this, because they play an important role in bridging the work of front line staff and organizational decision-making.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: FOPL-13-9

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    Panel: Stephen Abram, Host TBA
    Learning Objective: Toronto Public Library's New Value Study

    This webinar presents the results of the new value study performed by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto's Rotman Business School. Modern measurements of the quantitative and qualitative economic, learning, cultural and social impact of public libraries are presented.

    This is a recorded teleconference, provided by the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries. It is available free of charge, on demand. It was recorded January 15, 2014.