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Board Development

Effective governance of a public library depends on a CEO who understands the importance of helping the board work well together to fulfill its obligations to the community. The CEO needs to navigate the complexities of being both an employee and a leader when it comes to working with the board. While not responsible for governance, the CEO needs to understand governance issues and be able to orient, educate and support the board as needed.

The learning opportunities listed here are designed to illuminate the sometimes mysterious realm of board development and governance.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: F18-4-SEP-RW


    This is a webinar that was recorded on Sept 24, 2018.

    Following the Municipal Election on October 22nd, municipal councils will begin the process of appointing board members to the library board. Good governance requires that the outgoing board and the library CEO work to ensure that:

    • the transition to the new board is as smooth as possible
    • the municipality has the information it needs to appoint good people to the board
    • returning members commit to mentoring new board members
    • the orientation for new board members is seen by the whole board as an opportunity to renew itself. 

    Join us for an overview of requirements and best practices for managing this important transition and an opportunity to get your questions answered. 

  • Course Code: LbD-Y1a

    This course will develop trustees' leadership skills and is designed to be taken in the first year of a board member's term, and concurrently with Module 2 - Understanding Your Community.

  • Course Code: LbD-Y1b

    This module reviews what it means to be a library board member and outlines your responsibilities in the first year of your term. It is designed to be completed concurrently with Module 1 - Board Effectiveness.

  • Course Code: LbD-Y2

    This module on Assessment will review the skills necessary to assess performance of the Board, the CEO, and the strategic plan. It is designed to be taken in the second year of a board member's term.

  • Course Code: LbD-Y3

    The fourth module reviews the basics of strategic planning and explores how to successfully plan for your library's future. Strategic Planning is designed to be taken in the third year of a board member's term.