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Laws & Policies

Well written policies and procedures, based on a sound understanding of applicable legislation, help all levels of staff to be consistent in their responses to situations and in their relationships with users, colleagues and other stakeholders.

The learning opportunities listed below are designed to instruct library staff on developing and maintaining policies and procedures in relation to applicable legislation.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: F18-NOV-OLSN-RW

    Ontario Library Service - North

    This is a recorded webinar,  free of charge and on demand. It was recorded November 2018.  

    This webinar will examine how cannabis legalization applies to public libraries. Suggestions on how to address cannabis usage by employees.  

  • Course Code: PSHSA-5

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

    If your organization has more than one site or location, this hour-long webinar can help guide you in developing an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee that will keep all your employees safe.

Learn about your Roles and Responsibilities, Legalities and how to manage your sites from a Health and Safety perspective.

This webinar is presented by PSHSA and guest speaker from the Ministry of Labour.

  • Course Code: PSHSA-6

    Public Service Health and Safety (PSHSA) logo

    A free 30 minute joint webinar with MOL Provincial Hygienist and PSHSA Health and Safety Consultant to talk about the current status of GHS. This session will provide an update on what you need to know to prepare for the transition from WHMIS, what we know right now and what we don’t know and how to stay in compliance. The intent of GHS is to help eliminate multiple classification systems and enhance protection of human health by using standard consistent messaging. 

This webinar is presented by PSHSA and guest speaker from the Ministry of Labour.

  • Course Code: SD34

    SOLS Logo

    This course provides the information needed to successfully develop and maintain library policies. The course examines what makes for a good policy both in terms of format and content. The course material includes a checklist of essential policies used in most public libraries.

  • Course Code: W16-3-RW


    This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand.  
    It was recorded February 2016. 

    Although the Pay Equity Act required compliance over 25 years ago, many employers who developed pay equity plans in the early 1990s are currently facing challenges to the validity of those plans. Even where valid plans exist, many employers have failed in their ongoing obligation to maintain pay equity.

    The presentation is intended to provide employers with a general understanding of their obligations under the Pay Equity Act and an appreciation of the substantial consequences, financial and otherwise, of non-compliance.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Learn what is required to have a valid pay equity plan
    Recognize when pay equity maintenance obligations arise
    • Understand the consequences where pay equity gaps exist

    Employers will have a better appreciation after the webinar, of their current state of compliance and the requisite steps needed to either eliminate or at least, minimize their liability.