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Learning & Growth Mindset

Anyone working in a public library, in any capacity, must interact productively and collaboratively in order to accomplish individual and organizational goals. Mastering interpersonal competencies is a worthy goal for any library employee.

The learning opportunities listed below are designed to instruct library staff on this topic and introduce new concepts.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: S15-6-MA-RW

     This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand.  
    It was recorded May 2015. 

    This conversational webinar will highlight some of the many ways the SOLS Competencies Index can be used to support HR functions and staff performance, everything from job descriptions to performance evaluation and staff development.

  • Course Code: S15-IND1

    Designed to help instructors design materials for online courses.

  • Course Code: S15-IND2

    This tutorial will guide you through the process of updating and re-vamping a course for an online environment.

  • Course Code: W16-4-RW

    This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge, on demand. It was recorded  March 2016.

    The webinar provides an overview of LearnHQ, a training and professional information portal. Learn how to use the SOLS Public Library Competencies Index to find courses and resources.  We’ll also explain how to navigate your personal dashboard,  find relevant professional resources, and will also take a sneak peak at the new Mentor Match mentoring software service!

  • Course Code: WEBS15ND-RW


    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded March  2015.

    Organizational change is an imperative for any library that is striving for relevance in a rapidly changing landscape. This webinar explores the dynamics of change, resistance, resilience and readiness. The speaker highlights principles and strategies for engaging in positive change and the use of competencies as a staff development tool.