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Young Adult Services

Quality library service to young adults is provided by staff who understand and respect the unique informational, educational and recreational needs and interests of teenagers. Equal access to information, services and materials is recognized as a right not a privilege. Young adults need to be actively involved in the library decision-making process in order to develop relevant services and future leaders.

The learning opportunities listed below offer library staff a chance to ensure they are able to meet this unique group's needs. 

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: S16-2-RW


    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded June  2016.

    How can public libraries successfully serve youth? This webinar will provide an overview of program design and delivery for teens and new adults that directly involves youth and community partners in the planning process. Learn how the Kingston Frontenac Public Library fosters collaboration in order to facilitate positive youth development with such programs as King Con, Anti-Bullying Day, Career Cruising Carnival, and the Teen Summer Reading Challenge.

  • Course Code: W18-1-MAR-RW

    This is a recorded webinar, provided by SOLS. It is available free of charge and on demand. It was recorded March 2018.

    Whether you're already full steam ahead with STE(A)M programming in your library, not sure how to get started, or somewhere in between, there's something for you in this webinar.  Our presenters "The Heathers" are passionate about creating engaging and skill-building STE(A)M programs for kids from preschool age to teenage. 

    Find out what to look for in a good program and hear their top picks for programs for each age range. Learn some tips, tricks and useful resources. Get inspired - you don’t need to be a scientist or engineer to have fun exploring and learning with the kids in your library.