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Reader's Advisory

Readers’ advisory services foster an environment where reading is a valued activity and readers’ advisory staff advocate the importance and joy of reading within the community. Successfully helping the user to find the next great fiction read or connecting a reader to what interests them in the non-fiction collection involves collection knowledge, readers’ services skills and good conversation; the opportunities listed below intend to ensure library staff are equipped to facilitate this process.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: OTT-2017

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    Thank you to Ottawa Public Library for sharing their Readers’ Advisory modules with other public library staff across Ontario through the LearnHQ portal.
    This course has four modules developed by Ottawa Public Library provide information for public library staff on Readers’ Advisory with a focus on current trends in Juvenile Fiction.
    The four modules in this course:

    Module 1 - Ottawa Public Library - Juvenile Fiction Book Talks
    Module 2 - Ottawa Public Library - Juvenile Fiction Readers’ Advisory Part 1
    Module 3 - Ottawa Public Library - Juvenile Fiction Readers’ Advisory Part 2 
    Module 4 – Ottawa Public Library - Juvenile Fiction Readers’ Advisory Part 3

  • Course Code: S16-6-RW


    This is a recorded webinar provided by SOLS, free of charge and on demand. It was recorded May 2016. 

    Readers' Advisory, particularly the ability to have informal readers' advisory chats one-on-one with patrons, is an essential service in public libraries. While seeking out a reading suggestion is less daunting with the aid of the OPAC and the internet, some of the best RA relationship building actually occurs away from the desk. This webinar will highlight tips and tricks for "on the spot" engagement with readers both in the stacks and in the outside community. Learn how to prepare for impromptu readers' advisory conversations, spark engagement and get to the root of a patron's reading desires without running to hide behind your computer screen.

  • Course Code: SD39

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    Readers' advisory is a service provided by libraries to assist readers with discovering books they will enjoy. Today there is a growing commitment to readers' advisory services as libraries promote the value of leisure reading and embrace the joy of reading for pleasure.

    In this self-directed online course, students will learn to help readers who enjoy personal assistance with finding something good to read and readers who prefer to discover their next great read independently.
    Students will study the theory of appeal in order to understand what readers enjoy about books. Students will also learn about tools and resources that support their work as reader's advisors and resources important to staying current with publishing and reading trends. 

  • Course Code: SD48

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    This course focuses on the provision of reference service in the public library. It outlines the steps involved in the successful delivery of in-person or online reference service, including reference interviews, information sources, search strategies, and the evaluation of information sources.