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Certificates & Diplomas

SOLS has developed three different training programs to meet the needs of librarians and library staff at different stages of their careers.

EXCEL is a practical, flexible, distance education program that provides an opportunity to upgrade library skills and management techniques. It is designed for public library staff or volunteers currently working in a public library who have little or no formal training. Students can choose to complete a Certificate in managing a small public library, or take specialized courses that suit their interests.

Learn more about Excel program on the SOLS website

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The Advancing Public Library Leadership (APLL) Institute is a two year Certificate program designed to expand and advance the leadership capacity of public library CEOs and managers. Those who have completed the basic EXCEL Certificate or have other library qualifications and aspire to hold leadership positions may qualify for the Certificate program.

APLL registration opens in summer 2018.

Learn more about APLL courses on the SOLS website.

Other certificate programs listed here were generally developed by other organizations but are relevant to public library staff, board members, and trustees such as Leadership By Design